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Asbestos Removal Victoria

Melbourne Commercial Roofing is fully licensed/certified by Victorian Government for all standards and regulations for safe removal and handling of asbestos material.

If you have an asbestos roof requiring maintenance, there is no option but to replace it. Government regulations are strict and come with very hefty penalties if protocols and safety measures are not adhered to.

Rightly so, as asbestos is a very harmful and dangerous material. Work must be done by certified asbestos removal companies. Particles of asbestos can become airborne if correct procedures are not followed. Protective clothing, air monitoring and correct methods of asbestos removal are essential and this is what is what is provided by Melbourne Commercial Roofing.

Removal of asbestos must be done safely, efficiently, removed from the site and disposed of correctly to ensure maximum safety for and persons in the vicinity including our workers.

At Melbourne Commercial Roofing we employ a team of highly qualified asbestos removalists.

Asbestos contained materials should not be handled by any person who is not certified to deal with it because it is extremely dangerous and can result in illness and even death. Safety is paramount.



Q. How long will it take to remove asbestos?

A. Depending on the roof area being replaced, this process can vary but ideally removal is over one or two days.

Q. Should I be on premises during the asbestos removal process?

A. Our expert team will assess your property and provide advice in advance.

Q. How can I tell if my roof is asbestos?

A. Most asbestos roofing was installed in the 1950’s and1960’s onwards. It is still best that you have one of our experienced team assess your roof.


Commercial – Asbestos Removal


Material: Zincalume Corrugated Roof, Box Gutters & Wall Cladding
System: Saw Tooth Roof
Location: Richmond, Melbourne
Roof Construction: Asbestos Roof Replacement

Industrial – Asbestos Removal


Material: Zincalume Trimdeck Roof, Box Gutters & Skylights
System: Gable Roof
Location: Moorabbin, Melbourne
Roof Construction: Asbestos Roof Replacement

Commercial – Asbestos Removal


Material: Zincalume Corrugated Roof
System: Butterfly Roof
Location: Preston Melbourne
Roof Construction: Asbestos Roof Replacement

Industrial – Asbestos Removal


Material: Zincalume Deck Roof
System: Flat Roof
Location: Coburg Melbourne
Roof Construction: Asbestos Roof Replacement